• The longer you hire the greater your discount.
  • Off peak rates are lower than peak due to demand in school holidays which are sometimes booked several months in advance. School holidays are shown in the table below.

Holidays FromTo

  • Dates in these ranges are charged at the peak rate. Dates outside these are during school term and charged at the Off Peak rate.
PeriodPeak rateOff Peak rateExampleExample cost
3-6 days$154$1435 days peak$770
1-2 weeks$143$13210 days off peak$1320
2-4 weeks$132$1213 weeks off peak$2541
  • Drop off and pickup days are included in the calculation of the number of days so if you pickup Saturday and return the following Saturday it is 8 days hire.
  • For example if you were booking the Base Station from 1/10/2019 to 5/10/2019 these are in school holidays and so the peak rate applies.

5 days x $154 per day (Base Station 3-6 days peak) = $770 + Bond

  • If the period covers off peak and peak dates you need to calculate the number of days of each. For example 17/12/2019 to 24/12/2019 includes 6 days off peak (17,18,19,20,21,22) and 2 days Peak (23,24th). The total days are 8 (1-2 weeks discounted rates apply). The rental amount would therefore be:

6 x $132 (off peak 1-2 weeks) + 2 x $143 (peak 1-2 weeks) = $1078

  • In addition to the hire rates a $1000 bond is payable on hire. This will be refunded within 7 days of return in the condition is was provided in.  Deductions will be made based on the list at the bottom of this page.
  • If you do  not have an electric brake controller, an external controller can be provided for a one off hire fee of $50.
  • Onsite delivery, pickup and setup can be arranged if within a reasonable distance of Forestville subject to availability. This will be at a rate of $80 per hour to cover fuel costs and the owners time. The time cost is calculated based on the round trip time for the delivery and pickup, plus setup time. For example if the location is 45 minutes away:
    • Delivery and setup – 0.75 hours x 2 for the round trip + 0.5 hour onsite setup
    • Packup and return – 0.75 hours x 2 for the round trip + 0.5 hours pack up.
    • Total cost = 0.75 x 4 travel + 1 setup/packup = 4 x $80 = $320.
  • A 3600W petrol generator is available to hire for $50 per day to run the air conditioner, microwave, kettle, toaster and other 240V appliances when you are not connected to mains power. Note that you should stagger using heavy current devices so they are not all running simultaneously, which can draw too much power.

Deductions from the bond will be made for:

  1. Cleaning – $60 depending on the extra cleaning required. You must clean the van to the state it was supplied in and use your own sheets or you may also be charged for cleaning or replacement of mattress protectors.
  2. Admin Fee – $60 per hour for time completing or organising repairs
  3. Tyre’s – Fair wear and tear is allowed, but substantial bald spots generated during your use will attract a cost of $200 per tyre
  4. Minor damage – up to $1000 will be deducted for minors repairs as agreed or assessed by a 3rd party repairer for damage such as marks, chips, cracks, scratches, broken hinges, joints etc. + Admin Fee.
  5. Major Damage – $1000 for major damage exceeding this amount + Admin Fee
    Theft – $1000 excess applies if the caravan is stolen + Admin Fee
  6. Towing – The Hirer be charged at cost + Admin Fee if necessary for 3rd party retrieve the van or at $80 per hour for the owner to retrieve it and for delivery and pickup from a repair centre.
  7. Legal – Legal expenses incurred as a result of your hire + Admin Fee for handling any legal matters.
  8. Fines – parking or any other traffic violations will be re-assigned to the Hirer or charged to the Hirer’s credit card plus the administration fee per fine whenever the Owner becomes aware of such violations.
  9. Lost income -Where the caravan is unable to be used by subsequent bookings you will be liable for lost income.